God, Please Bless America…

September 11th will always be a day of mourning, remembrance, and American pride. It is a day to mourn those we lost, remember their lives, and stand tall together, proud to be Americans.  In remembrance and reflection, I’ve written a short prayer.  To be quite honest, it’s actually more of a cry out to God. Americans cannot heal America without God. Taking His name out of schools, offices, and daily routines will not be the solution to the hatred, malice and pure evil that is spreading through this country.

Please take a moment of silence after reading this to remember the fallen American lives, reflect on your life, patriotism, and the lives of those you love, and to request that God take over our county.


God, please bless America, we need you now more than ever.

We’re buried in fear, stuck in war, please make our country better.

Terrorist attacks, bombings, never-ending wars, riots, shootings, and debt.

Each and every day we wake up and are facing a new threat.


God, please bless the soldiers, who sacrifice their lives for our land.

As they sweat, bleed, and fight, God, please lend them a helping hand.

Get them home soon and safely so they may hug their loved ones tight,

Please end this nightmare of a battle, with You we can win this fight.


God, please bless the officers, who sacrifice their lives for their hometown.

The ones who put on a badge and gun, who run the criminals down.

Protect them as they serve us, God, keep them safe in every moment,

Let the community see law enforcement as part of their team, not as their hated opponent.


God, please bless my Mom as she serves, please take the target off of her back.

Keep her safe in the line of duty, free from danger, hate crimes, and attack.

She is a dedicated police officer but You know her duties do not end there.

At home she has a daughter and son, and we need her love and care.


God, please bless America, shine light and love on our home.

I pray we stand together as one, and not fall trying to do this alone.

Today remind our country that 9/11 did not win, for You remain by our side.

Together we can take back our land, with Your love and American pride.






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