Lessons Learned from my Little Brother


To say that I was less than thrilled when I found out my Mom was pregnant is the understatement of my entire life. I, an 11-year-old golden child, was supposed to be happy that a little alien-looking baby was about to take all my Mom’s attention…yeah, no way. I wish I could tell you that the second I saw him I fell in love, but I’d be lying. However, when that little alien turned into an adorably big-eared toddler I couldn’t help but adore him.

Through the years I’ve only grown to love him more. I have been able to watch him grow into a little man, and along the way he has certainly taught me a thing or two about life. He has taught me to:Vacation 2013 098

  1. Love hard. I have never seen someone love like this little boy. He loves his Momma, Dad, Sister, Granny, girlfriend, and friends. He’s getting to the age where girlfriends trump sister…and maybe I get a little jealous sometimes. But bottom line, he loves hard and with no hesitation. He never stops to question whether someone deserves loving, he just loves.
  2. Be bold. A few years ago when Cody was no older than 9, he told us how sad he was because a little boy in his class didn’t know who Jesus is. Instead of dropping the subject and carrying on, (as I would have done) he proceeded to tell that little boy about his Jesus that he loves so much. In that moment he was bold, unashamed, and a true disciple.
  3. Dream big. He has wanted to be a break dancer, a professional basketball player, and now a beat-boxer. When he dreams, he dreams big and puts all of his heart, soul, and energy into making that dream come true.
  4. Accept apologies. He annoys me, bugs me, is rude to me at times. I yell at him, correct him too often, and have little patience at times. We say sorry, we accept apologies, and we love each other through it all.
  5. Have fun. Although he is a little too rambunctious, has more energy than he knows what to do with, and never stops talking, he has fun. He enjoys life. He is always silly. He never stops smiling.

I hope one day you know just how much I look up to you. I hope your heart stays innocent, your dreams stay big and you continue to boldly tell others about our Jesus. Thanks for opening my eyes and teaching me a thing or two from time to time. No one makes me more proud, irritated, annoyed or thankful. I love you, Cody Man!


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