Give up the Good for God

I have a really good life. I went to a good college and I have a good job. I’ve made good decisions (for the most part) and I’ve accomplished some good things.

friend and dog.jpg

I have good friends and a good dog.

But we are not called to live good lives.

Even with a good job, a good home, and good relationships, there is more to discover, more to claim. Godliness. A life covered by the Savior and planned by our Father.

Over the last few months, God has been taking my good and making it great, far more than great actually. He has pushed, pulled, poked, and prodded His way into nearly every aspect of my life. And it has hurt. He has stuck me in a part-time job, ended friendships, and tested my patience…He has been preparing my good for the Godly that He has planned.

For the word of the Lord is true and right; he is faithful in all he does. Psalm 33:4

In the moment, it seems like God is rudely ripping away things that are fine and okay. He takes away things we want. But just hang in there, friend, because He is faithful in ALL he does. He is only taking away what isn’t glorifying Him and replacing it with better. With jobs that work for His Kingdom, with homes that will bring you joy, and with relationships that will put Him first.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory.    Colossians 3:2-4

When Jesus dictates your entire life, relationships flourish, job opportunities open, sickness can be healed, and hearts change. When your mind is focused only on His Kingdom, the good becomes mediocre and God-like becomes imperative. When we set our lives to God’s standards and not the earthly ways, He is glorified.

Why are you settling for good when you can have Godly?
What are you holding onto that is only good?


4 thoughts on “Give up the Good for God

  1. Oh Monroe says:

    I agree, focus your eyes upon him!
    The obstacles that I went through a few years back was overwhelming, to say the least. I still deal with a bit of adversity from it from time to time. I had some friendships end, but in all honesty, they couldn’t go where God was taking me, and even though I didn’t want to, I had to let them go. It’s amazing, when you let go of those who don’t lift you up and are negative influences in your life, the friendships that he brings. Better, more positive people. For that, I am grateful!

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  2. Tiffany Parry says:

    Great thoughts here, Ashlyn. I think God is after honesty and authenticity far more than goodness. Apart from Him, it can be a really shallow pursuit too. Truly, no one is “good” – we all fall short of that. So grateful for grace and His righteousness that is ours through personal relationship with our Savior. Blessings to you!

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  3. Ashlyn says:

    My thoughts exactly! It’s hard to let go, but those toxic friendships can’t give you the support and encouragement that sisters in Christ can.
    And thank YOU for your support!

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