To My Granny as She Forgets,

*I started this post about 3 months ago shortly after my Granny had a heart attack. She fully recovered, but unfortunately had another heart attack a few weeks ago that she did not survive. It was bittersweet to read this and it has taken some time to post since she passed. However, I am confident my Granny is pain free and praising Jesus with all the angels.

I know that anyone with aging grandparents understands how tight you cling to memories yall have made together. As my Granny grew frail and fragile there were things I wanted her to forever remember…


I am finally accepting that although you are my superwoman, you aren’t superhuman. Your steps are slower and your memory is dulling. You are losing strength, but you certainly haven’t lost your sass just yet. You are stubborn, but strong. Feisty, but fierce.

Your list of medications continues to grow and it seems you’re spending more time in a stuffy doctor’s office than you are at home. Back pain, neck aches, and a heart attack. Blood pressure pills, pain medication, and vitamins. Walkers, wheelchairs, and wound care. You forget to turn the burner off. You forget to take your medicine. And you conveniently forget that fried chicken isn’t exactly heart healthy…like I said, stubborn.

As you forget the little things, there are moments that I hope you never forget:

I hope you never forget mornings we spent drinking coffee and watching soaps.

I hope you never forget waking up at 5:30 AM to be the first ones at the best garage sales.

I hope you never forget our family gatherings-a perfect mixture of devotion and disorder.

I hope you never forget when I sat and listened to you play Chopsticks and sing “I’ll Fly Away.”

I hope you don’t forget sleepovers where we  just couldn’t go to bed until we watched Titanic…but of course, close our eyes for the dirty parts. 

I hope you never forget dancing in the kitchen while the gumbo cooked.

I hope you never forget the look on my face when you gave me your old weathered Bible.

I hope you never forget your strength, the way you have held this family together for years. The way you acted as a matriarch and mediator, a comforter and conqueror. You were dealt a tough hand, but you have played this game with grace.

I love you, Granny. Never forget that.

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