Life update: I’m pregnant! We cannot wait to meet our baby who will be our biggest blessing and tiniest disciple.

I’m a Texas teacher surviving on hot coffee and my good Father’s grace. I am married to a hard working, hard headed, handsome man. Together we are on mission to share Jesus with students and grow in obedience and faith. I find happiness in the outdoors, breakfast food, and my dogs, Sparky and Molly. I am especially passionate about praying for our schools, becoming a godly wife, pursuing my purpose, and teaching high school students.

God turned my life around and continues to rescue me from valleys and guide me with grace. Once I surrendered control to Jesus, I have found freedom from anxiety, hope and healing from hardship, and confidence in His grace and goodness.

Join me as I dig into the Word, stumble through adulthood, and write my way to sanity.